The last 4 months of the year are always the most intense for businesses. It’s the mega period for sales and product development. Its linked to sales cycles and end of year holidays as well as Pavlovian reflexes engrained in us since we were kids on the Northern Continent.

September is Back to School month and even though it’s been years since we put name stickers on all our books, we still feel both an excitement and trepidation when September comes along.

With Q4+ growth expectations, comes pressure. It is the key period to watch out for the well-being of team members and to ensure expectations translate into dynamic energy rather than anxiety.

For me, the best way to alleviate tension is to start each week with sports and play. Each Monday at Irongroup, at our 15 minute all hands on deck company meeting, we start the week in laughter with a silly mental or physical game. Today we played a giant charade competition and within 10 minutes, the office was filled with laughter and positive competitive spirit.

I believe all companies should start Monday’s in Play and Laughter.