Today, I had the immense privilege of being invited by the House of Chanel to a private lunch with 8 great business women in Ms Chanel’s private apartment rue Cambon in Paris.

I have been a fan of Chanel since my early teens. Back then, I spent most of my pocket money on l’Officiel and Vogue and I would review and dissect all their collections. My dream was to own an Iconic Black Chanel Jacket. 30 years later, I still wonder at the beauty and creativity of each piece created by the House of Chanel. I love the energy of Karl Lagerfeld and his ability to combine innovation with a deep respect for the workmanship of the artisans that are unique to France.


You can imagine how excited I was to go to lunch.

Apart from being blown away by the beauty of the location, the graciousness of our host and the amazing female leaders I shared lunch with, I realised how Innovation and Heritage finally go hand in hand.

When I started my career leading digital start ups, we were all about the big D’s: Disruption, Displacement and Destruction. No wonder traditional industries like high fashion, arts and Culture felt threatened by us.

Now I am delighted we have moved to the big E’s: using digital to Empower, Enhance and Enable. We are no longer separate worlds. We combine physical and digital, old and new. We leverage good UI and UX to enhance knowledge and wisdom from traditional mentors and experts. Digital is a platform to showcase and amplify traditional talent as well as new ideas.

We are at a new equilibrium.