Safia and I met when we were 21 in Ottawa, Canada at a dinner at my house. We were introduced by a common friend. The connection was instant.

I was arrogant, know-it-all and super active. She was super smart, kind but full of doubt.

It could have been carnage. I had a habit in my twenties of destroying people who lacked self-confidence without even realising it. The opposite happened.

Her joie de vivre touched me profoundly….Both of us love laughing! We both seek joy and happiness in most situations.  We share a deep need for positivity despite adversity.

By the end of dinner, this perfect stranger was moving in. Seriously! The next day she arrived with her suitcase and invaded the guest bedroom.

It was the start of an extraordinary relationship: one without bullshit.  Our friendship is based on facing our inner evils, in order to laugh more. It is both very deep and very light.

I watched Safia struggle with food issues through her twenties.  She looked great and was externally very bubbly and sporty. But she could go for days living on Starbucks Frapuccinos. She faced in the same year a very bad breakup, addiction in her family and the cancer of her mother. She stopped eating. She lost weight, lost her hair and eventually had to leave work in full meltdown.

And then she turned it all around. She faced her fears and demons and rediscovered health. She started loving food and loving her body and loving herself.

That’s why Safia is such a good coach. She has personally been through hell and back with her relationship with food. She never judges the women she helps. She does not let them hide from their issues. Instead, she empathises and faces the issues together with her clients. She is not different from them. She is simply at a different stage of the journey and can guide them towards happiness. She is not a food coach but a lifestyle coach.

Nutrition and healthy living has been vital to my success. I was lucky enough to have Safia by my side as my mirror of truth when I slipped into workaholic habits, when I was not being quite honest with myself, when I was giving too much and not paying enough attention to my own needs, when I needed to be more tolerant towards myself. Or when I just needed to laugh and enjoy life.

I have always wanted to help more women discover the power of healthy eating and happiness.  I want to give more women access to Safia’s experience and guidance. I want to change lives by combining Safia’s knowledge and techniques with the best digital has to offer.

Last fall, we embarked on a mission to co-create I am delighted to see it launch in the UK and the US. I thank my team that has worked so hard in making this new adventure come to life.

I hope that together we will build a community of like-minded successful women who respect their bodies and constantly thrive for happiness.