So much of our focus as business executives and particularly as women today, is about making it to the top, leaning in, achieving that C-level equality, making it to the board room. However, so little of our focus is on happiness, balance and joy in our workplace.

To make it to the top of the career ladder, we need to dedicate countless hours and make countless sacrifices.

How can we ensure these sacrifices are worth it?

Increasingly, women are opting out, stepping back because they are not finding their true place in the top echelons of corporations. They can Lean In and succeed but they don’t feel happy or fulfilled. Yet happiness is imperative. 

So is there a way to make it to the top whilst being happy and fulfilled?

I believe happiness in the workforce is determined by 4 key elements:

1) Learning to be at one with yourself in your working environment and not letting the environment determine who you are

2) Creating positive challenging working environments where honesty and risk-taking are valued instead of politics

3) Maintaining healthy mind in a healthy body

4) Creating a new ecosystem to support your work/life balance

I also believe these 4 elements are within our control not in the hands of our bosses, boards or shareholders.  Taking control of these elements and driving change in our working environments is a must. It’s our responsibility as individuals, as successful women leading the next generation of female talent.

In a series of blog posts in the coming weeks, we will explore each of these 4 key factors.

Let’s be happy and successful!