Business Mentoring & Angel Investing


Anne is very active in the start-up community in Paris and London. She started mentoring young entrepreneurs over 10 years ago. Each quarter, Anne chooses several start-ups to help. Anne also donates her time to several incubators such as Lafayette Plug and Play to further help entrepreneurs.

3 years ago, Anne started assisting female executives to make the jump to board seats. She provides several training courses and one2one sessions.

Finally, Anne is also a guest lecture for several MBA programs to empower students to create and innovate in their careers.


“I love mentoring young entrepreneurs in Paris and London. It’s an ideal way to leverage my experience across the broader eco-system and give back to my community. As a business angel and entrepreneur, I know what it takes to raise funds and succeed.

Leveraging my knowledge to help the next generation of talent change the world is the most gratifying experience. I also actively invest in many early start-ups. I also help female executives make it to the next level of their career or take the jump to starting their own business. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help.”

Some of the companies Anne has worked with:


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